About us

Principle Plastics is a dynamic, fast-expanding, challenge-driven company which endeavours to be a recognised leader in the manufacture of injection moulded components to the Automotive Sector. With many years of experience in automotive plastic components, Principle Plastics is uniquely placed to offer tailored solutions to our often diverse customer requirements.

Principle Plastics was founded in 2004 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and is currently both ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified.

The company consists of two factories, both situated in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We provide injection moulded components to a number of multi-national companies, both within the Automotive and the Non-Automotive Sectors.

Our range of products includes HVAC housings, interior and exterior trim components, components for painting, blower wheels, engine cooling and other engine components as well as plastic crates.